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I can definitely relate to this gorgeous lady. On the latest episode she was called a bitch and told she had an attitude problem. I have my moments of both of those. And being called a b…It’s not as bad as before. And it sometimes gets worse (lately) because of the amount of stress I am experiencing. It’s my first year of teaching and grad school. So cut me a break. Lord knows I’ve probably given you one. Yes, I snap. Yes, I sometimes wish I didn’t say certain things or do certain things. I’m human and not perfect. Sooooo long story short…I’m not a bitch. I have an attitude problem at times. No need to name call.

My youngest baby wrote this after looking at it from another sheet of paper. I need to remember that my kids are more important than standards. My kids are little people that need love and attention. Skills come with time. I feel stretched thin. My mentor looked at me and said, “a lot to do. What do you have to do?” Are you kidding me? Um a lot. 😔 I need a hug or 5. I plan on squeezing my babies tomorrow and try not to stress over things I have no control over. It’s been hard dealing with little to no materials, and very little support. Sorry if it feels like complaining but I feel like I’m alone (I know I’m not) and I’m so tired. 😜 ughhhh

I’m trying to hold it together. Every week I think it’s too much, too busy. And the following week proves to be busier and harder. 😢 teachers EARN their summers damnit. First year teachers earn an extra summer. And preK get two. 😔

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